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Why is it worth ordering a website analysis?

Site analysis, or audit, is needed to find errors and fix them. If there are no errors, then the audit helps to find those parts of the site that can be improved in order to receive more traffic and conversions. Therefore, ordering a seo audit will be useful for any website.

Which tariff should you choose?

It depends on your needs. Each tariff works in a specific area, therefore it brings different benefits, satisfies different needs.

  • The “Basic” rate is an assessment of the main characteristics of the site.
  • The “Usability audit” tariff is a detailed analysis of the internal and external parameters of the site.
  • The “Increase in sales” tariff is a deep analysis of all the factors affecting sales from the site.

All three tariffs have in common – two audits: technical and seo audit. You can order them within any tariff – they form the basis of site analysis.

The technical one is aimed at finding errors in the program code of the site. They can interfere with the correct operation of the site, lead to incorrect display of the whole or individual elements, and slow down the loading speed.

Seo-audit is designed to identify errors in search engine optimization of a site – those that prevent search robots from recognizing and correctly indexing a site, displaying it in the search results for targeted user requests.

Audits help assess the technical condition of the site and understand how search engines relate to it. This data tells the owner whether potential customers can find the site and whether it is convenient to use it.

Tariff “Basic”

As part of this audit, the main characteristics of the site are analyzed that affect the operation of the site and its position in the search results:

As part of a seo audit and a technical audit, the site will be checked for all sorts of parameters that prevent the site from getting to the top of search engines:

Technical auditSeo audit
How long does it take for your site to load?Are the pages of the site indexed?
Does your site look the same across browsers?What is the IKS site?
Are there any errors in the site code?What is the site’s inbound and outbound link mass?
Is it using a CNC (human-readable URL)?Is the content unique?
Does the site have mirrors?Is important content on flash?
Is the linking on the site configured correctly?What is the current visibility for key queries?
Are there any incorrect links and duplicate pages on the site?Are the meta tags complete?
Are all the site modules laid out and configured correctly?Is the site under the PS filters?
Are java scripts and flash animations working correctly?What is the website’s online reputation?

Commercial factors are also evaluated – that is, those that affect sales:

You will receive a complete list of recommendations for eliminating all technical and seo-problems of the site.

You have a ready-made guide to action: how and on which sides of the site you need to work in order for positions, traffic and conversions to start growing.

Usability audit tariff

The “Usability Audit” tariff is made up of a complete usability audit together with a technical and seo audit. As part of this tariff, we collect extensive data on how to make your site more understandable, user-friendly and attractive to the user.

What is analyzed as part of a usability audit?

  • Are the technical and seo-sides of the site configured correctly?
  • How clear and convenient is the navigation and search on the site.
  • Does the design and layout correspond to the theme of the site?
  • How well graphic and media content is displayed.
  • How convenient it is to read the texts.

When does it make sense to order a website usability audit?

  • When the site has a lot of traffic, but few targeted actions (orders from the site, calls, purchases).
  • When a company needs to improve the return on a web resource (to increase the number of registrations on the site, orders, calls).
  • When users respond negatively to the site and the bounce rate rises.

What is the result of this audit?

You will receive a complete list of recommendations for improving the ergonomics of the resource. By implementing them, you will correct design and navigation flaws. This will make the site better, strengthen its competitive advantage, expand the sales funnel and increase the number of orders from the site.

Increase in sales tariff

The “Increase in sales” tariff is made up of an audit of the selling abilities of the site together with a usability audit, a technical audit and a seo audit. This is an advanced addition to usability auditing, with more emphasis on marketing analysis of the site.

What is analyzed within this tariff?

  • The needs of the target audience.
  • Actions of site visitors, behavioral factors.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the resource’s competitors.
  • Technologies and functions that are used by competitors and foreign resources of a similar subject.

In what cases does it make sense to order an audit of the “Increase in sales” site?

Within the framework of this tariff, we form a complete picture of the company’s marketing environment. Therefore, it is worth ordering if you need to look at the site through the eyes of a potential buyer and determine what pushes him away from ordering services or purchasing goods.

What is the result of this audit?

You get a complete picture of the marketing environment of the company on the Internet and visual recommendations for the development of the site. The introduction of proposals from the audit will make the site stand out from competitors and increase the sales rate.

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