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It is known that the average user does not stop his search on one site, but opens 3-6 pages that are in the first positions on his request in the search engine. This is logical, since everyone wants to choose the best and carefully studies the popular offers on their request. But who will the potential buyer or client choose in the end? On which site will he stop his search and call the contact numbers?

The final choice of the user is influenced by many factors, ranging from attractive design to easy navigation. But one of the most important components is the information materials of the site. If your site contains a lot of useful information for the user, the chance that he will choose your company increases significantly. But remember that this should not be just a collection of letters and words, but a really useful article. All this and much more is included in the concept of “seo-copywriting” .

What is SEO copywriting and how does it work?

Seo copywriting – writing texts taking into account the requirements of search engines (Yandex or Google). Their most important requirements are uniqueness, keyword occurrences, and readability. The uniqueness tells search robots that such information is not available anywhere else. Thanks to the keys, they can identify a page with such text as corresponding to a user’s request and bring it to the top for such a request. And readability shows how convenient it is for the visitor to perceive information.

Seo copywriting is worth ordering when you need to tell about a product or service in such a way that it helps the site to go to the top of search engine results.

A well-written text sells with the help of not some “magic” formulas (they do not exist), but information adequate to the request. In other words, helpful text that clearly answers the user’s questions about a product or service leads the visitor to a purchase.

Why choose Sathees SEO Expert in Bangalore?

  • We write on any topic.
  • We write in English.
  • We translate from English into all local languages
  • We have our own staff of copywriters, we actively cooperate with content exchanges, freelancers, content agencies.
  • Our texts are optimized for the requirements of search engines: the terms of reference are prepared by the SEO-optimizer of the project, even if the text is published on the blog and not on the promoted page.
  • We work closely with the customer: we ask what texts we like, where to look for detailed information about a product or service, and also edit if the client makes his own edits.

How we are working

Our company provides seo copywriting services, which includes the following list of works with content:

Before starting work, the client is sent a brief to fill out. This is done so that the SEO copywriter can focus on the specifics of your production or the competitive advantages of your company in the text. Therefore, the more complete the brief is, the more information about your company will be at the disposal of the copywriter.

Checking texts for uniqueness. If the uniqueness is low, the text should be either edited or rewritten. Search engines react very negatively to non-unique texts and can impose certain sanctions on your Internet resource.

With a high uniqueness of the text, keywords are harmoniously embedded in it. At the same time, it is important that the meaning is not lost and the essence is not distorted. Texts should be written in understandable language, they should not be long, so as not to tire the reader, and at the same time, not too short.

If necessary, the text is divided into separate semantic blocks, lists are formed, keywords are highlighted in bold, linking is carried out (insertion of semantic links to other pages into the text).

The title and subheadings of the page are compiled, which are formed taking into account the semantic load, the age group of potential customers (students, wealthy people, young mothers, and so on), as well as other features of the resource or the services provided.
And separately – about the texts in English: for our clients they are written by English-speaking authors who receive detailed terms of reference from the optimizers. We work with several exchanges and are looking for either good English speakers or native speakers. We always look at the author’s ability to work in a specific subject and trust only trusted copywriters.

Seo-copywriting is inextricably linked with the work of an SEO-optimizer, which forms the semantic core, checks the site’s positions for key queries and, if necessary, gives the task to correct the texts.

Seo copywriting

Website promotion, building ICS and Pagerank, external and internal page optimization, seo-copywriting services – all this is a complex of measures that are interconnected. Therefore, any actions with the site should be carried out carefully. It is best to order a full range of services from one company, as this will give an optimal increase in visitors to your site, among which there will be potential customers.

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